Affordable fees for a professional, reliable solicitor 

We believe in being clear, honest and open about our fees. 
With Trident Solicitors, there will be no hidden costs. You will know the cost from the outset as we operate a fixed fee system in most cases. We act only on cleared funds, meaning that we work once payment has been received from yourself. 
Written Advice on Case - from £180.00 (inc. VAT)*: Trident Solicitors can provide written advice on the merits of your case. We can advise on the appropriate plea, probably sentence and likely costs. 
Guilty Plea Representation – from £480.00 (inc. VAT)*: Trident Solicitors can represent you in Court and present your mitigation. We will also advise on a plea and likely sentence. 
Exceptional Hardship Application – from £540.00 (inc. VAT)*: Where the conviction for an offence, and the imposition of additional penalty points, takes the total penalty points to 12 or more, the Court is duty bound to impose a disqualification. Trident Solicitors can prepare and present an application for Exceptional Hardship which, when found in your favour, allows the Court to not impose the disqualification. 
Not Guilty Plea and Special Reasons Cases – from £1080.00 (inc. VAT)*: Where you deny an offence, or where there are particular circumstances that led to the commission of the offence, the Court will need to determine these at a trial (for denied matters), or at a Special Reasons hearing. This means that a second Court hearing will be required. Trident Solicitors will advise upon the evidence, instruct Experts and contact any defence witnesses, along with representation at the hearing. 
Please note the above price does not include the cost of the Expert, only the instruction of the Expert. A quote for the Expert’s likely cost will be obtained prior to any instruction. 
Application for the Early Return of Driving Licence – from £600.00 (inc. VAT)*: There are occasions and provisions that allow an application to be made to the Courts to remove a driving disqualification prior to the conclusion of the disqualification. Trident Solicitors can assist in the preparation and conduct the representation of that application. 
Appeals against Conviction and/or Sentence – POA*: Appeals against the decision of the Magistrates’ Court are heard by the Crown Court. Trident Solicitors can advice regarding the merit of any Appeal and if favourable, can prepare and represent you in the Appeal. 
All fees quoted include the following: 
• Full consideration of Prosecution evidence 
• Obtain instructions/mitigation details and advise on plea/likely outcome 
• Contact witnesses and obtain statement of evidence 
• Instruct Experts 
• Preparation of case, including all telephone and written correspondence 
• Representation at Court as described 
Please note that all Legal fees are payable upon demand, although we will provide a payment period appropriate to the hearing or stage date. 
*Additional fees may be charged where hearings are taking place outside the local Court area, or where additional Court hearings are required. 
All of the above prices are inclusive of VAT. They are based upon the hearing taking place at our local courts. Additional fee may be charged for travelling. In certain cases, disbursements (such as expert reports) may be incurred. These charges will be in addition to our fees. 
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