Totting Up Disqualification

committing a motoring offence which put you on or over the 12 penalty point limit will cause you to be disqualified.The Law allows a driver to continue driving with penalty points on their licence, until they reach 12 penalty points in a 3 year period.

Once a driver reaches the ‘not so magical’ number of 12 penalty points, the Court is required to disqualify him from driving under the “totting up” provisions.

How long will I be disqualified for under the ‘Totting Up’ provisions?

The period of disqualification is set at 6 months for the 1st occassion of totting up, 12 months for the 2nd totting up disqualification and 2 years if a 3rd totting up disqualification occurs.

If you are facing the loss of your driving licence under the “totting up” provisions, there is a possibility that we could apply for exceptional hardship to keep your licence so contact Carl today and let him keep you driving.