speeding offences are usually caught on camera. Many of us, in fact over 7 million of us, have had penalty points endorsed on their driving licences for the offence of speeding in the last 4 years!!

Speeding is the most common motoring offence committed in the UK.

Detection of speeding motorists can be done by several methods, from fixed roadside cameras, mobile roadside cameras to being followed by a police officer. Once the police believe you were speeding, a Notice of Intended Prosecution must be sent within 14 days of the alleged offence, to the registered keeper of the vehicle inviting them to identity who the driver was. Failure to supply that information is a seperate offence, see our section Failure to supply driver information.

Once the driver has been identified, then the decision is to be made whether to accept or to fight the allegation of speeding.

There are strict procedures in place for the use of speed detection equipment, the identification and prosecution of speeding drivers. If these procedures have not been followed correctly, that may affect the case against you. We are experts in checking that the procedures have been followed and we will fully assess your case and present you with clear advice as to your options. We will guide you through each step that you will encounter on your chosen route.


What is the penalty for speeding?

A conviction for speeding is 3 - 6 penalty points together with a fine of up to £1000 ( £2500 if the offence is committed on a motorway).

If there is a particular high speed or aggravating features then the Court can impose a discretionary disqualification, of between 7 and 56 days, but the Court does have the power to impose such period of disqualification as they consider appropriate.


What if I had a good reason for speeding?

There may be certain occassions when there was a valid reason for speeding. It does not mean that you are not guilty of the offence, but if “special reasons” can be successfully presented to the Court, then the Court may exercise it’s power not to endorse penalty points or impose a disqualification. There are strict rules in relation to what does and does not amount to a “special reasons”. See our section on Application for Special Reasons


We aim to obtain the best available outcome for you and your case. We do not give out false hopes.

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