Dangerous Driving

black & white picture of an accident between car and lorryDangerous driving is an offence when a motor vehicle is driven dangerously on a road or public place.  It is a serious offence and dependant upon the circumstances of the case, can proceed to the Crown Court.

What is Dangerous Driving?

Dangerous driving can occur if:

“the standard of the driving falls far below that of a competent and careful driver, and it would be obvious to that competent and careful driver that the driving was dangerous”

Examples of Dangerous Driving include:

  • driving at excessive speed and in doing so, put other road users at risk
  • driving on the opposite side of the road at on-coming traffic
  • mounting the pavement, putting pedestrians at risk
  • cutting in front of other road users from junctions, which casues them to take avoiding action
  • carrying out an overtaking manoeuvre which puts other road users at risk of a collision

Dangerous Driving can also relate to the condition of the driver as opposed to the driving, for example: driving with a known medical condition that would prohibit them from driving.

What are the Penalties for Dangerous Driving?

If the case remains before the Magistrates Court, then up to 6 months imprisonment or a fine of up to £5,000 can be imposed.

At the Crown Court, the maximum punishment for dangerous driving can be up to 2 years imprisonment or an unlimited fine.

In both Courts, the driver must be disqualified from driving for a mandatory minimum period of 12 months and an extended driving re-test must be ordered.

Dangerous Driving is a serious matter that requires specialist representation. Our Solicitor has many years experience of representing clients who face dangerous driving allegations, so if you face this offence or have worries about your case, call us today on 01482 227669 and see what Carl can do for you.