Causing Death by Careless Driving

car on its roof following an accidentIf, as a result of careless or inconsiderate driving, a collision takes place and a death occurs, you may be summonsed or charged with the offence of causing death by careless driving.  The maximum penalty for causing death by careless driving is 5 years imprisonment and a minimum disqualification of 12 months. The Court has the power to order a re-test to take place at the end of the disqualification.

What is careless or inconsiderate driving?

Some examples of careless driving are:

  • pulling out of side street into the path of oncoming traffic
  • driving at inappropriate speed for the road condition
  • momentary lapses in concentration or otherwise not paying attention.

Inconsiderate driving can be described as “something which causes particular upset to other road users, either because it is aggressive or selfish” Repeated sounding of a horn, flashing of lights and deliberate tailgating have all been viewed as inconsiderate driving. For further details see our section Careless Driving / Inconsiderate Driving and Driving Without Due Care & Attention.

If charged or summonsed with the offence of causing death by careless driving, you can feel daunted and feel that there is little that can be done. With the expert advice and preparation that Trident Solicitors will dedicate to your case, you will feel as if you are in safe hands. We will advise you through each stage, with the aim of achieving the best available result for you.

So if you are facing a charge a summons for causing death by careless driving, it is important that you contact Carl today and let us take care of you.