Application for Exceptional Hardship

If you are on 9 penalty points and you commit another motoring offence (which carries penalty points) and this is committed within 3 years of the 1st offence, then you are at risk of being DISQUALIFIED under the “totting up” provisions, meaning the Court is duly bound to disqualify you.

If you can show to the Court, that to do so would cause you or another exceptional hardship, then they may allow you to keep your licence and thus continue driving.

What is exceptional hardship?

Exceptional hardship is the term applied by the Court to the severe hardship encountered by a person who has been disqualified from driving, or a person linked to them. This is more than the mere inconvenience of being disqualifed.

But I’ll lose my job if I lose my licence…

If you drive as part of your employment, you may have grounds to put forward an application for exceptional hardship. The fact that you may lose your job because you have been disqualifed does not guarantee a successful application. There needs to be a demonstration that further hardship will be encountered.

The criteria applied by the Courts in considering exceptional hardship applications is detailed and must be supported by evidence. At Trident Solicitors, we have a proven track record of making successful exceptional hardship applications. We can guide you through the stages of the application, the evidence to be gathered and ensure that it is fully presented to the Court. If you are facing a disqualification and think you may be in a position to argue exceptional hardship, then do not delay and CALL CARL TODAY to see what he can do for you.