About Us

Picture showing Carl and Joanne CoddAt Trident Solicitors, your case is in safe hands with our husband and wife team, Carl & Joanne Codd.

Carl has been a qualified Solicitor for over 10 years and as a Higher Courts Advocate, he has represented clients in the Magistrates and Crown Courts and even the Court of Appeal in London. Carl has experience both as a Criminal Defence Lawyer and a Prosecutor, giving you the benefit that he can see your case from both sides, which in turn, allows him to give you an honest evaluation of your case.

Carl believes in straightforward, honest, simple advice which focuses on achieving the best result available for you.

As Carl is the sole lawyer, you can be sure that the lawyer giving you the advice, will be the lawyer handling your case. At Trident Solicitors, we guarantee that you will receive a Professional, Reliable and Affordable service every time.

As Practice Manager here at Trident Solicitors, Joanne has over 20 years experience working at the Hull Magistrates’ Court.  In her role as Team Leader in the Court Administration Department, Joanne was used to dealing with cases of a confidential and sensitive nature.  Joanne will ensure that you are kept up to date on your appointments either by email or by text and you can be sure that your case will be handled as efficiently as possible.

Our Aims

We guarantee you will be treated as an individual and not just another client.  You will be provided with a first class consumer service which focuses on YOU.  Every case will receive specialist attention with the approach being taylored to you.  We will give you clear information about our fees, many of which are fixed and you will receive a free initial consultation whether that be in person, on the phone or by email.

With Trident Solicitors, your case will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality and we will never release your details to a third party.  We know from experience, that many of the percieved loopholes can easily be rectified and thus, we will never seek to provide you with false hope.  With Trident Solicitors, you will receive a full and honest appraisal of your case with clear advice as to your next step.

If summonsed or charged to attend Court, or face a “totting up” disqualification, give Carl a ring on 01482 227669 or email him at carlcodd@tridentsolicitors.co.uk





Photograph supplied by Karl Andre Photography and Hull BID