105mph and he still can’t get away

Motoring Defence Lawyer let off Speeding Charge

A driver who bragged on Facebook about travelling at 105mph has been branded by Road Safety campaigners as “being selfish” and describes his actions as “wholly unacceptable”.

A recent story in the Daily Record tells of a Road Traffic Specialist Lawyer’s post on Facebook in which he brags to his friends about doing 105mph on the M6 motorway and how he was told to slow down by the Police. The Lawyer, who as a partner in the Kilmarnock firm of Douglas Wright Solicitors, defends motorists charged with speeding and traffic offences, may have gotten away with it this time but the damage to his reputation because of his bragging may be irreparable.

What should he have got?

For those of you who are not lucky enough to meet those generous Police Officers, it is likely that you will face a Court appearance and the real threat of being disqualified from driving. Magistrates are given guidance that motorists who travel at those speeds on a motorway are punished by a driving ban of up to 56 days (or longer in severe cases).

What should I do?

If you are faced with a Court hearing for speeding and want to keep your licence, then call Hull based Trident Solicitors. We have extensive experience of the Magistrates’ Court, and can present the best arguments to help you keep your licence. At Trident Solicitors, we only deal with Motoring Offences.

On a final note, whilst the Lawyer in question here was extremely lucky this time, next time he may lose his licence or more tragically his life.

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